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Thank you so much for the opportunity to present to you, our company, and all of our innovative services. We are very excited about our systems and what our service can do for you. Whether you are a homeowner or a commercial company VIP can fit your needs. Our services are quick, without mess and no harsh odors and best of all our sealers and products dry within minutes of application and may be used promptly after service.

Here at VIP Grout and Tile our staff is dedicated in understanding our client’s needs. Whether it is our fast paced society, our unsure economic times or general health concerns, we are geared toward the restoration and preservation of commercial and home environments. Why pay more if all you need is a restore. Save time, money, and inconvenience with VIP’s outstanding services.
VIP’s main objectives are, to make sure your environments are healthier, cleaner, and easy to maintain. As you know tile is a huge part of our environment, it is everywhere we go. It is easy to maintain, but the downside is, the grout is so hard to keep clean. Grout is a very porous material, and it absorbs everything like a sponge. Without proper sealing, and care, grout just continues to get dirtier, and darker, with every cleaning. The biggest problem with grout is, it is a breeding ground for Germs, Bacteria, Mold, and Offensive Odors. VIP’s procedures cleanse, and extract all the filth, and impurities from the grout in preparation for sealing. As part of the preparations for sealing, VIP uses a Hospital Grade Germicidal Cleaner, which kills over 99% of germs, and bacteria.

Once you’ve finished your tile project, it is a good idea to seal the grout and keep it protected. With the right sealing product, you can cut down on future maintenance and keep your floor looking new for years to come! However, our sealants are not only for freshly installed floors; our color sealant allows you to change the color of your existing grout, without the costly task of removing it! Use the VIP grout sealant, and you’ll be looking at the following advantages:

Stain Resistance. Tiling your floor takes a lot of hard work! Wouldn’t it be frustrating to work so hard for a beautiful final product, only to have something stain the grout a week from now? With our grout sealer, your grout will become impenetrable—which means that liquids and stains will not be able to seep in, causing your grout to get discolored. What’s more, our products will keep your grout its original color so you won’t have to worry about the effects of light and age.

Completely Change the look of your floors. Our color sealer gives you the option of completely changing the color of grout without ripping out the existing grout. By changing the look of old, discolored grout, you can change the look of the entire room and protect your floor from getting discolored or stained in the future.

Easier Cleaning. The simple truth of grout sealant is that it makes grout much easier to clean. With a sealed surface, all your cleaning routine will need is a simple wipe down with a rag!

Money Saving. It is an extremely costly and timely task to rip out your existing floor to try and give your home a fresh new look. VIP color seal can help eliminates that cost! For homeowners who neglect to seal their grout, maintenance and repair is an unavoidable consequence. When you use the VIP grout sealer, you’ll save money down the road.

VIP is committed to deliver excellence to our clients. Feel confident that you are receiving exceptional services by choosing VIP Grout and Tile Concepts.
Again thank you for your consideration and please give us a call to schedule your servicing needs and we look forward to hearing from you!


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